Over the next few weeks we will watch a film called ‘The Mission’.  This film raises many questions concerning the Christian faith.  You will need to make judgements about events and people.  You will need to show the ability to link events of the distance past with relatively recent events and draw comparisons.  You need to know the meaning of the following words in order to fully appreciate the questions it raises:



Love            Redemption           Cathartic               Hate            Jealousy


Forgiveness           Sacrifice     Betrayal       Violence       Jon Sobrino


Freedom      Oscar Romero        Remorse      Oppression


Ignacio Ellacuría    Ignatius Loyola      Slavery


God acting through people                  Penance                 Liberation


Cardinal                 Golgotha                Pope            Allegory


Jesuit                   Symbolism              Mercenary             Excommunication


Roman Catholic                 Martyrdom             Liberation Theology



The overall objective of these series of lessons is to:


·        Question the attitude of ‘The Church’ towards the use of violence.


·        To question whether the use of violence is ever right.


·        To consider how the film uses ‘allegory’ and ‘religious symbolism’.


·        To show the ability to make judgments based on moral and religious grounds.


·        To explore the emotions expressed throughout the film.